About Me

I love gardening, both indoors and out, especially forcing spring bulbs indoors to bloom in the winter.

There is something life-affirming and primal about growing indoors when life is dormant outside. The promise of what is to come again in the spring.

You can read my gardening blog here about gardening outdoors.

I love cats and have four, Polly Pocket, who I took in as a stray, Socks, who I got from the RSPCA, Victor who decided to move in from a neighbour's and Scarecrow, another stray who turned up. All feature in my blog somewhere, whether doing the bulb forcing or updating this blog.




and a doggie who likes to visit

You can contact me: julie at gardenwithindoors.org.uk or use facebook (https://www.facebook.com/gardenwithindoors.org.uk/).