more vases out of the cellar

I love using different containers and vases to grow bulbs. A tulip bulb is in the tall clear ink bottle, muscari in the small bucket, a crocus in the painted blue vase and of course, a hyacinth in the tin.

different vases and containers for bulbs

Some of my blue vases and my one Bristol green vase, a rare colour.

blue hyacinth vases and a green hyacinth vase

I've brought quite a few vases out of the cellar now but a few bulbs are still there without any root growth. I was wondering what was happening with them. When I checked this one I saw some quite developed bulblets raising the bulb right out of the vase. Not sure if that's why it doesn't have any roots but it sure isn't right above the water any more.

hyacinth bulb with bulblets

These crocus are doing great with super root growth (but there are quite a few in the cellar with nothing).

crocus vases

These iris are my first bulbs in bloom. I'm impressed that all the bulbs in this set are growing. Some troughs have bulbs that aren't growing (will add a pic tomorrow).

Shorter and Son geese trough with iris

The squirrel trough has 4 bulbs, 3 of which have not rooted at all. The trough behind that has 2 out of 8 bulbs not growing.

Shorter flower troughs with small bulbs