end of October/ beginning of November

I checked on some of the bulb "pots" in the cellar today. I find watering things in the cellar a real pain. I can't see things well, I only have a watering can as a source of water which I have to carry in with me and there's no surface to put things down. I've topped up some of the vases as necessary. For some reason the purple vase had no water at all! I must have missed that one. Most of the vases have well-developed roots.

crocus vases with crocus bulbs

A motley assortment of pots with bulbs. I removed the top of the center bottom which was one stiff piece of bulb fibre and tried to put some compost on the hyacinth pushing out of the pot. I don't know what that very long seedling bottom right is. It was desperately trying to get some sun.

bulb pots with bulbs

the tins with the hyacinth bulbs below seem to be rather dry but also have mould - quite annoying

golden syrup tins with hyacinth bulbs

I bought 1 hyacinth bulb yesterday for a new Hornsea bulb pot (Cirrus design) with Socks on the window sill and Polly Pocket on the table

Hornsea bulb pot

here are some dried bulbs from last year that I am trying to bring back to life

these show how determined hyacinth bulbs are to grow -that's what makes hyacinths so good for forcing, they will grow no matter what