second week of January

some of my best hyacinths this forcing season, I can't stop taking pics of this corner of the windowsill

hyacinths in forcing vases

the pink hyacinths were looking a bit sparse but they've really filled out

hyacinths blooming in hyacinth vases

hyacinths blooming in forcing vases

Victor and Socks looking totally indifferent to the hyacinths

cats and hyacinth vases

These are the remaining hyacinths today (14th Jan). Most in bloom but a few unopened buds.

hyacinth vases

the bulb bowl on the table has 3 hyacinth bulbs in very different sizes and 1 bulb that looks dead

I've discarded the 2 bulbs on the right (above) and put the other 2 in vases (below)

Close-up of some of the new (to me, I haven't grown them before) varieties of  hyacinths: Miss Saigon, Skyline, Fairy White. I love the way the Miss Saigon florets are bluish at their base. All the Miss Saigon bulbs I've grown this year are unprepared. They've forced very well unlike the Skyline which are prepared but don't seem to have grown properly or flowered properly.

hyacinth flowers in forcing vases

These 3 Skyline (lavender) are the only 3 bulbs of that variety I used this year as I had late purchases (2 vases and 1 bulb pot) to find bulbs for and those were the variety in the garden centre bins. Miss Saigon I've bought from 4 different suppliers, unprepared but they've forced ok.

hyacinth flowers in forcing vases

some hyacinths in bloom mid-January, tall amethyst vase Taylors Sky Line or Skyline (have seen it both spellings), green Tye vase Bloms Delft Blue, green squat left front is a very undeveloped deJager Delft Blue only the tiniest sprout out of the bulb, not ready to come out of the cellar but fear it won't ever be ready (other hyacinth varieties noted in following pics)

hyacinths in forcing vases

Peter Nyssen Fairy White on the left, deJager Delft Blue on the right

hyacinths in forcing vases

Peter Nyssen Miss Saigon - small but gorgeous buds, Fairy White on the right - also a bit small but very nice, think the Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot has Skyline but I bought it loose at the garden centre end of October and by then the bulbs were a bit mixed up

hyacinths in forcing vases

J Parkers Miss Saigon

hyacinth in prattware vase

J Parkers Miss Saigon?? that must be a mistake, their Sky Jacket turned out to be that colour, but I didn't realise other bulb(s) were also mixed up

hyacinth flower in forcing vase