City of Bradford hyacinths

City of Bradford is becoming one of my favourite hyacinths: 3 in the middle below, in the amethyst, lime green and dark green vases. I'd never forced them before but very impressed with their performance this year, especially in the bulb bowl below.

City of Bradford forced hyacinths

all the hyacinths in the bulb bowl are in bloom at the same time

City of Bradford hyacinth bulb bowl

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

the buds on the Blue Eyes hyacinths are enormous

Blue Eyes hyacinth buds

Delft Blue on the right in the Dartington neodymium hyacinth vase, think that's Blue Jacket on the left, that pot was pressed into service at the last minute when there were too many hyacinth bulbs (as if there could be too many!) and I didn't note it on my spreadsheet

Dartington neodymium hyacinth vase

Blue Eyes hyacinth flower

Blue Eyes hyacinth flower

just 2 days after the pic below this one, the Blue Jacket hyacinths in the bulb bowl are opening up

Blue Jacket and Pink Pearl hyacinths

bulb bowl with Blue Jacket hyacinths, pink pearl hyacinth (I think, I didn't buy any pink bulbs but guess they were mixed up at the garden centre) in Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot on the right

Blue Jacket hyacinths in bulb bowl

close-up of those Blue Jacket hyacinth buds

Blue Jacket hyacinth buds