start hyacinths as soon as possible for Christmas flowers

I think, as my mother-in-law (who started me off on forcing hyacinth bulbs in vases) would say, I think I've broken the back of it. (She was in the navy during the war and still used some naval expressions.) I started off with about 150 bulbs and am now down to about 25. I was going to plant some of those Caribbean Dream hyacinths in the garden for a comparison but realised I needed some very large bulbs: in those black Prattware vases, the "unofficial" quilted pronged, jar below, so used most of them.

hyacinth bulbs and vases

that little tin above shows the hyacinth roots pushing the bulb right out, I've tried to add a little more material around it, I don't know any other solution for this which happens with a few bulbs every year, depending on how I planted them

EIC sugar jar with hyacinth bulb




this jar needs a large bulb


I've never used it before; will see how it works







hyacinth bulbs and vases

I meant to take a photo of all the bulb bowls before I put them in the cellar (but forgot).

bulb bowls

I'm trying to get a few vases ready each day with the remaining bulbs. Pacific Ocean on the left, Blue Jacket on the right. Seeing them next to each other they are distinct but if there were a number of bulbs mixed up I couldn't tell them apart.

hyacinth bulbs

these bulbs don't look that great, going to save them for potting up in a container

hyacinth bulbs

these are some of my favourite vases, they just happened to get to the back of the box, usually I'd do these first

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases and bulbs

Even though this amaryllis has been in the vase below on my windowsill for months, I only noticed how green it was the other day, I lifted it out of the vase, which was completely dry, to see dry roots. Amaryllis, like hyacinths, want to grow no matter what, even without water.


I filled up the vase with water, removed the dried leaves and replaced the bulb in it. I think it might bloom again.