final bulb forcing

Scarecrow came to help me organise the final bulb forcing for the season.

I couldn't resist these vintage 1960s plastic hyacinth vases on ebay so a trip to the garden centre for a few more hyacinth bulbs.

keil plastic hyacinth vases

keil plastic hyacinth vases with hyacinth bulbs and teal vintage glass hyacinth vases

while at the garden centre I also bought some muscari and iris reticulata bulbs  and I still had a pack of crocus bulbs

bulb packages

those really small bulbs are needed for the Shorter and Son troughs, iris reticulata in both geese troughs and muscari in the rabbit trough

shorter and sons geese and rabbit flower troughs

shorter and sons geese flower trough with iris reticula bulbs

flower trough with bulbs

I guess those are shot glasses but they were on ebay with a hyacinth vase with the same design

glasses and pot with small bulbs

muscari in the blue bird troughs, those 2 golden syrup tins on the right are rusted through so can't be used but I planted up the 3 on the left, previously the larger golden syrup tins were planted with hyacinth bulbs, these are smaller and need muscari or crocus

small bulb forcing

for some of the muscari bulbs, they are going in pots to stay in the garden, no more room in the cellar and some years the muscari doesn't bloom indoors any earlier than outdoors

pots with muscari