Crocus and Muscari Forcing

The hyacinths are finally all started and in the cellar in the dark so it's time to press on with the smaller bulbs, crocus and muscari. I'll get to the tulips last. The first step is to get all the crocus vases out.

forcing crocus bulbs

I find the large Dutch crocus bulbs are the best for forcing, although the small species crocus are sold at Sainsbury's so often fall back on them in case I run out. I started out with the large bulbs from Peter Nyssen. The crocus vases need to be filled with water touching the bulbs, unlike hyacinths which mustn't sit in water.

forcing crocus bulbs

I forgot about my Wedgwood hedgehog! I thought I'd take some bulbs out of those clear vases which, let's face it, are rather boring.

forcing crocus bulbs

I also found a few leftover large crocus bulbs so I managed to plant up the hedgehog with all large bulbs except for a couple smaller ones. I only bought this earlier this year (on ebay) so haven't used it before. It was rather difficult to plant up, keeping the crocus bulbs sticking out the holes and filling it with compost. Now the challenge to keep it well watered.

wedgwood hedgehog planted with crocus

I need to put the muscari bulbs in pots in compost or on top of pebbles or shells, etc. They will NOT grow in a vase with water alone like the crocus bulbs.

muscari bulb forcing