first crocus roots

I only started these 10 days ago and already I can see roots! Note they are sitting in water. Crocus bulbs seem to need that whereas hyacinth bulbs do not.

forced crocus bulbs with roots

I also found these 2 vases I'd forgotten about and put some crocus bulbs in them. They aren't "official" crocus vases, unlike those above, but seem a suitable size and shape to hold the bulb above (and half-in) the water. Typical Italian (Venetian?) painted vases of the 50s/60s ? Think they both have labels that say "Italy" on the bottom. I have a stand for the size of the one on the right which came with the 3 amethyst vases a few photos below. I've bought the odd one singly. Not sure how they'll look in a stand with a crocus but will try them and see. I do prefer the blue to the amethyst colour.

crocus bulbs in vases