first hyacinths in bloom - mid-December 2019

These are today's hyacinths, 16-12-2019.

forced hyacinths in bloom

Wedgwood hedgehog with crocus bulbs. The crocus are getting nice and fat and I hope there will be some nice flowers soon.

Wedgwood hedgehog with crocus bulbs

I don't like appearing in photos but this is just about acceptable, hidden by hyacinths on the mantelpiece in my living room. Those Jan Bos are obviously the earliest bloomers this year.

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

first hyacinths in bloom, 14-12-2019, Jan Bos

Jan Bos hyacinths in bloom

Pacific Ocean, a variety of hyacinth I have not used before but trying it this year for the first time. It looks a little small so far. First photo above shows this in bloom a couple days later.

pacific ocean hyacinth

another small sparse hyacinth, this one from Sainsbury's, in a small vintage glass jug, also more in bloom in first photo above

forced hyacinth

I got the printout of the spreadsheet I use to keep track of the hyacinths to update but Victor promptly decided to sit on it - so that wasn't going to be possible!