Merry Christmas 2022

all flowers in bloom Christmas Day 2022

closer view of the hyacinths, although I have lots of fat buds on my hyacinths, these are the only ones in bloom

hyacinths in bloom Christmas Day 2022

I need to remove the bulblets from these hyacinth bulbs using a craft knife. I grabbed a pot of compost from the garden to plant them in.

hyacinth bulbs with bulblets

If you can get some of the basal plate of the bulb attached to the bulblet, the bulblet will have a better chance of developing. If there are roots there's basal plate; the ones without roots, I'm not sure.

hyacinth bulblets

I planted the bulblets in a pot of compost (from the garden - lots of seedlings in it)

hyacinth bulblets planted