Happy New Year 2023

Rocky with hyacinths and amaryllis

hyacinths and amaryllis

new Minverva amaryllis in bloom and more White Amadeus blooms

amaryllis minerva white amadeus

Apple Blossom amaryllis now both have buds (two on the left)

Apple Blossom amaryllis

Jan Bos hyacinths

jan bos hyacinths

exquisite Delft Blue buds

Delft Blue hyacinth buds

most of the crocus bulbs seem to have flowers or buds but the whitefly has been a huge problem on them this year, no whitefly on the hyacinths at all


more bulblet surgery required

hyacinth bulblets

the roots are not reaching the water with this these bulblets preventing the bulb from sitting properly

hyacinth bulblet

as before, used a craft knife to cut off the bulblets, keeping as much of the basal plate as possible

hyacinth bulblet

hyacinth bulblets

that's better, roots reaching the water

hyacinth bulb