more hyacinths mid-January 2023


hyacinth vases

20-1-2023  Rocky has to share the table with the hyacinths

White Amadeus and Minerva amaryllis, Gypsy Queen hyacinth and my polydactyl cat Scarecrow

white amadeus minerva amaryllis

some room on the windowsill has to be left for the cats so most of the hyacinths are on the table, a number are still in bud

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases and bulb bowl

I tend not to use yellow or orange hyacinths as past results have been variable but Gypsy Queen was a substitute in my order and I'm pleased with these.

gypsy queen forced hyacinths

Aqua hyacinths in the bulb bowl on the left and Miss Saigon on the right

forced hyacinths in bloom in hyacinth vases and bowl

Jan Bos on the left, Blue Eyes on the right, like all the other Blue Eyes, the inner florets are not opening

hyacinths in bloom in hyacinth vases

Miss Saigon hyacinths in bud and bloom

Miss Saigon forced hyacinths

hyacinths still in bud, as of January 20th

although I try to note varieties on my spreadsheet, there are always some that are not noted or not noted accurately, these are the best I can say:

left to right, cobalt blue squat Blue Star, small clear Sainsburys (variety of bulb not specified), tall green with lily-of-the-valley painted design Blue Eyes, amber Broste Copenhagen not sure but looks like Delft Blue, grey Sky Planet, tall yellow back row Miss Saigon, teal squat Sky Jacket, small clear in the front Jan Bos?, tall green back row Gypsy Queen, blue Byzanta Ware Gypsy Queen, orange Byzanta Ware Gypsy Queen, cobalt blue squat looks like Gypsy Queen

forced hyacinths in bud in hyacinth vases

left to right, Miss Saigon in the cranberry glassroots, Blue Eyes in the black and white ceramic, Sky Planet in the cobalt blue, not sure the vase far right 

forced hyacinths in bud