end of the forcing season beginning of February 2023

Spring in a vase

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

the Miss Saigon hyacinth a few days before

forced Miss Saigon hyacinth in hyacinth vase

Apple Blossom amaryllis

Apple Blossom amaryllis

Jeffrey and the amaryllis a few days before, 2 Apple Blossom on the left, Minerva on the right

cat and Apple Blossom amaryllis

hyacinth roots should be white and are brittle if taken out of the water (as those in the teal vase below the cranberry vase), this bulb in the cranberry vase (which I thought might be my last hyacinth flower), has slimy transparent roots and won't develop any further

glassroots hyacinth vase

hyacinth in hyacinth vase

hyacinth rotting roots

I love cobalt blue glass and this hyacinth vase shape, originating in the 19th century, is still a favourite - reasonably common and affordable (on ebay). The colour ranges from purple-blue (my favourite) to blue. My camera (now my phone) cannot capture fully that exquisite purple-blue colour. Now that the forcing season is coming to an end, I can review my vases, make sure each is on the spreadsheet and correctly numbered.

cobalt blue hyacinth vases

Delft Blue hyacinth