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There is nothing half so much worth doing as messing about with bulbs. Indoors or outdoors it doesn't matter.

I love forcing bulbs indoors but I also love growing bulbs (and other plants) outdoors. This is my Spring/Summer blog about my garden withoutdoors. During the Autumn/Winter I concentrate on my garden withindoors.



May 2011 New Garden

My neighbour's front garden has been completely obliterated by some recent building work. A new project of mine is to replant it completely for free - using seeds I already bought or collected, propagating new plants from some of mine and using self-seeded plants that have appeared in my garden.

April 2011 Throwing Away Seeds

What a relief it was to throw away some seeds recently! Many of us have accumulated more packets of seeds than we could possibly grow and feel some pressure to do something with them. I decided it would be better to just throw away those I really didn't want (too old to give away).  Now I have only a few packets of seeds of things I really want to grow so I can devote more time and attention to fewer varieties and give feedback to the seed companies of what worked and what didn't. I did give some feedback last year to Chiltern Seeds. They, shall we say, did not take it with an open mind. (I still have the single colour pot of violas to prove their "mix of colours" is not a mix!) I am glad to say that the final packet of Chiltern Seeds seeds went in the bin yesterday.


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hyacinth bulbs flowering in hyacinth vases

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