start of the forcing year - September 2020

The bulb forcing season has started. I just got my bulbs delivered from Peter Nyssen and bought a few larger bulbs from Camden Garden Centre as I have a few vases that need the largest bulbs possible. I put a hyacinth bulb in each vase, filled with water to just below the bulb and put them in the cellar in the dark. I will check them in 6 to 8 weeks and see how they're doing.

hyacinth bulbs

hyacinth bulb forcing vases

hyacinth bulb forcing vases

antique glass hyacinth vases

Victorian terracotta hyacinth vases

Davidson bulb bowl hyacinth vases

these vases and the Davidson bulb bowl require the largest hyacinth bulbs

Davidson bulb bowl

You don't need to use an "official" hyacinth vase; any vase / jar / bottle that holds a hyacinth bulb above water can be used for forcing. I am using this antique pickle jar. I find these can be a bargain on ebay - who's using these anymore for pickles!?

hyacinth vases bulb forcing

Woodstock hyacinth bulbs in uranium Tye hyacinth vases,

antique cobalt blue hyacinth vases