first hyacinth blooms

I thought it was a bit early for the hyacinths when I took this trough out of the cellar but the tall plants (muscari, I think) were getting "leggy" and needed to come out so thought I'd take a chance. The hyacinths are a little stunted so far.

wooden trough with bulbs

When I checked the supplier of these rather stunted bulbs I was sure they'd all be from the same one but they are from 4 different ones! Obviously Jan Bos is not the best for forcing, or not so far. Maybe they'll have a miraculous change but at the moment they aren't looking very impressive.

These are all my tulips in vases, well-rooted, even the one in one of the red vases that until recently didn't have any roots, except the one in the Burmese vase which I put in quite late, just starting some roots.

tulips forced in vases