when will the bulbs ever be in stock?

miniature tulip bulbs and vasesI'm getting impatient to get some bulbs to force. I keep checking my local garden centres but they don't have them in stock yet. I finally gave in and bought a box of miniature tulips at Sainsburys. I got out the smaller vases to see which ones are the right size (above). That will keep me going for a little while. Last year I bought some bulbs on August 27th. Today's the 26th. What's delaying the bulbs this year? I'm sure I bought them even earlier the year before.

bulb vases to keep August 2012

I've chosen 46 vases to keep this year. Every year I need to cull some or else numbers get out of control. There are only so many vases I can fit on my window sill much as I love buying more. Below are a few of my new vases and pots. Only the green vase is a hyacinth vase and the bowl on the left a bulb bowl. The other items I'm going to use for bulbs although they are not officially for bulbs. The small blue and white pot is from Culpeper (now out of business). I'm quite curious about the ceramics they sold as some seem to be for bulbs and some are in a Delft style which I like. The trough at the back is a new (for me) Shorter and Son design.

new pots and vases