balancing vases and bulbs

Between the misplaced clear tall vase (below) I just found and the green vase I couldn't  resist buying (below right) and the tall vases (below left) I had difficulty selling, I ended up needing a few more bulbs this week so I bought 10 more from the garden centre.

Every year I find it difficult to match up the number of vases with the number of bulbs. I always seem to be getting more of one, then more of the other, then more of the first and so on. I have 2 left of the 10 bulbs I just bought. I guess I need 2 more vases . . .

hyacinth vases with bulbs ready for forcing

As the selection of bulbs wasn't so great this week, being so late, I ended up buying some City of Haarlem. I don't think I've ever grown them before. The colour never appealed that much. When I considered today, after I'd got them home, which vases to put them in, I realised, they don't really match any of the vases I have. Why did I buy them??