hyacinth vases from the 1840s

I was really interested to find this illustration from Dickens' Dombey and Son yesterday with hyacinth vases on the mantelpiece. They are the tall churn shape from the 1840s before George Tye started producing his squat bulbous molded vases in 1850. This is only the third 19th century image I've found of contemporary hyacinth vases. They don't seem to have featured much in art and illustrations. (The other two are at www.hyacinthvases.org.uk. One day - when I have time - I will continue merging the two sites).

hyacinth vases from Dombey and Son

Byzanta Ware Hyacinth Vases

I have yet to see these described as hyacinth vases but those no doubt in my mind that they are - perfect size and shape. I must research them further.

Byzanta Ware hyacinth vases

Both vase bases printed with:

"Byzanta" Ware Grimwades Stoke on Trent England

Byzanta Ware base

Byzanta Ware base