a strange vegetable

I thought these looked like a crop of a strange vegetable.

crop of strange vegetables

The hyacinths are changing day to day. Everything is happening so quickly now.

hyacinths end of December

hyacinths end of December

The last time I grew Lady Derby hyacinths the bulbs were huge and the flowers were large and full. This year the bulbs were very small as are the flowers. In fact, the bulbs were so small I could only put 1 in a vase (this Burmese vase which is quite small) and the rest I put in this SylvaC pot.

Lady Derby hyacinths

first signs of hyacinth flowers

This is my first iris on Dec 28th. It only lasted a day or two and now I have a second one but the first is wilted.

first iris

I guess I've had bent hyacinths every year, some years more than others. I seem to have 3 this year so far. The one in the green vase on the right looks like it might straighten up but the two on the left are very bent and look like staying that way.

bent hyacinths