last year's forced hyacinths blooming in the garden

I've had a few weeks off from thinking about bulbs. All my bulbs had finished indoors and nothing was happening with any bulbs outdoors with bitter cold weather so I didn't have any thoughts to share here but now spring seems to have finally arrived and hyacinths are in bloom in the garden. I had also misplaced my forcing records for last year (luckily just found them) now must finish analysing them before I start thinking about what bulbs to buy for next year (the next forcing year starting in September 2013).

Last year I planted out some of the spent forced indoor hyacinths. This spring has been so cold they've only just bloomed, especially in the front garden which gets more sun, and just a couple so far in the back garden.

spent indoor hyacinths blooming outside


Obviously the flowers are a lot smaller and the florets quite sparse compared with their initial blooms last year, partially down to the weather this year I imagine.

This blog entry relates to both my garden withindoors and my garden withoutdoors so I'm going to put it at both sites.