finally updated my hyacinth forcing results for 2012/2013

I have finally had another look at my hyacinth forcing results for this year. Last year I was so meticulous with my records but this year things were much more haphazard and as some bulbs failed I moved bulbs around between vases - something I never did before. I can see from my pics I had some beautiful hyacinth blooms, even if some results were uneven.

forced hyacinths in vases

I also just had too many vases! Less is more. I have thinned my collection - probably only a little as I also couldn't resist buying a  few more - but I think it will be easier to keep track of fewer bulbs. This summer I'll go through my vases and see what the new total is and if I can thin any more.

forced hyacinths in vases

I have put the info about my results at the 2012/2013 Forcing Results page but here is a repeat of my summary and plans for next year:

Delft Blue is still my favourite - a reliable variety every year. Sky Jacket was good and I will buy more for the next forcing year. If one wants early blooms in December, it just has to be pink and purple-pink (as opposed to purple-blue) varieties such as Pink Pearl, Pink Sensation, Woodstock and Ann Mary (going by past years as well as this year) even though pink is not my favourite colour. For white hyacinths I'm not that impressed with Aiolos so will go back to Innocence for next year and/or try another white variety, eg White Pearl which I don't think I've ever grown. Blue Star I need to try again and keep better track as I can't say for sure how they did.