planning for the new forcing season

bulb vasesEven though I'm very busy with my garden "withoutdoors" I can't help thinking about starting my hyacinth bulbs "withindoors"  in September. Every year the first task is counting how many bulbs I need to buy, firstly counting how many vases I have. I can't resist buying more every year even though I have quite a number. These are some recent purchases. I just love those tall intensely coloured Victorian vases so couldn't resist those and the terracotta squat vase is a rare find. The clear vase on the right is not an "official" hyacinth vase but I figure a small bulb will fit on the top. It has that distinctive Victorian fern engraving.

The large vase on the left is for an amaryllis bulb. I do vary my plans every year. Last year I didn't do any amaryllis but I did miss them and now I have a new vase to try I'm going to do some this year. Other plans include fewer crocus (they last such a short time) and fewer tulips (lots of bulbs did not bloom last year).