definitely the start of the new forcing season

The bulbs are now readily available. Last year the prepared hyacinth bulbs were so late, it was well into September before they were available. But this year they seem to be right on time - I bought my first ones almost 2 weeks ago (August 25th).   I was on holiday so it wasn't my local garden centre. I was shocked to be charged £1.30 per bulb which were 16/17 cm. Today I went to my local garden centre  and bought the above selection of 17/18 cm bulbs (huge Delft Blue bulbs on the right) for 80p each with a discount for quantity. I don't know what's up with that. The above do have some splits and blemishes  but I'd rather have those for 80p than "nicer" ones for £1.30 but I'm only guessing that might be the difference. Some of my vases do need smaller bulbs and some larger so I'm happy to have a variety of sizes.

I'm getting at least a few of every variety I see. These are today's by variety:

Delft Blue

prepared Delft Blue hyacinth bulbs

Jan Bos

prepared Jan Bos hyacinth bulbs

City of Haarlem

prepared City of Haarlem hyacinth bulbs

Pink Pearl

prepared Pink Pearl hyacinth bulbs

White Pearl

White Pearl prepared hyacinth bulbs

Sky Jacket

prepared Sky Jacket hyacinth bulbs


These are the packaged ones I bought today.

I haven't seen Marie or Ibis before so although pink is not my favourite colour, pink-coloured bulbs tend to be the earliest so thought I would try them. Woodstock as well has been early for me although the flowers haven't been very good but I'll give them another chance.

These are not "prepared" so I put them in the fridge, where I will leave them for 6 weeks.




This is the first batch of bulbs I bought in August, smaller than today's and a couple of different varieties. This has Delft Blue (of course!), Fondant, Carnegie, Blue Star, City of Haarlem.

I'm going to mail order some of the varieties I didn't find at the garden centre and probably more Delft Blue and some other varieties so I can compare results.