using a truffle bottle to force a tulip bulb in water

I was lucky enough to find another truffle bottle. They are a very good size to use as a tulip vase. Tulips bulbs vary enormously in size and I'm not expert on them but this variety (which I chose by size at the garden centre this week, I'll check the name) is a perfect size.

truffle bottle with tulip bulbs

There is variation of size within the range of 10 bulbs in the pack so I chose the best one for this vase, filled it with water and put it in the cellar with the rest of the bulb vases and pots.

truffle bottle with tulip bulb

I love cats, especially black cats, so I like seeing this one at one of my local garden centres. Behind them you can see the hyacinth vases they have for sale: brand new, I think they were £2.99. This and other new vases sold at garden centres this time of year are misdescribed on ebay as "vintage". Please take note! and don't pay a premium for an "antique" that is anything but that you can buy new retail.

black cat at Boma garden centre with hyacinth vases in the background

While I was there I bought my amaryllis bulbs for this year. They're enormous! (photo to be added tomorrow)