more bulbs out of the cellar

This Blue Star hyacinth bulb has distinctive colouring and some of the other purple/blue hyacinths have similar colouring.

hyacinth bulb Blue Star

White Pearl hyacinth ready to come out of the cellar into the light as the bulge of the flower is out of the bulb. NB the bulb has none of the purple colouring as on the bulb above.

hyacinth bulb White Pearl

Another White Pearl hyacinth bulb with that distinctive bulge of the flower out of the bulb.

hyacinth bulb White Pearl

Sometimes it's uncertain if the bulb is ready to come out. The bulb in the Tye vase in the front is not as clear as some of them but I decided it probably was ready.

hyacinth vases

One of my cats, Polly Pocket, overseeing all my bulb forcing.

forcing bulbs