few days after Christmas

selection of hyacinths on New Year's Eve, some are updates of recent photos

I'm not sure what variety these dark purple hyacinths are - certainly not one I ordered. They were supposed to be Sky Jacket but obviously are not but they are quite attractive; I love purple flowers.

I tend to use white hyacinths in green vases, this year Fairy White, flowers a bit small but pleasant enough. I think the small ones in the square vase are the ones from Sainsburys. They are surprisingly good.

this bulb bowl (above right and below) has "Sky Jacket" which I'm fairly sure has been a mistake from the supplier

vase 12 with J Parkers Delft Blue, great example

cobalt blue hyacinth vase

I had some rather small bulbs, from a multi-pack from Sainsburys which didn't even have varieties marked. This flower is small but a nice colour and well-formed. It's coping well with a small rose bowl filled with pebbles. More of those bulbs in the square vase above.

pink Stewart plastic hyacinth vase with Bloms Delft Blue

pronged vase with Bloms Delft Blue

vase 56 with Peter Nyssen Delft Blue

and some other half-brown flowers (left to right, 24. Bloms Delft Blue, 55. Peter Nyssen Delft Blue, 35. PN Delft Blue ,46. PN Delft Blue)

I'm not really sure why I pressed on with these. The bulbs look terrible and the buds not much better. Unprepared Miss Saigon from deJager.

vases in a prev pic below a few days later, they look good from this side

but not so good from this side (I just turned that vase around)

some Delft Blue hyacinths - that colour is fantastic

I think that pink hyacinth below is Splendid Cornelia but I'm not absolutely certain, could be Ann/Anne Marie/Mary or even Miss Saigon which I haven't grown before so not sure of its exact colour. I try to carefully note which variety of hyacinth bulb I put in each vase but get a bit haphazard with the pots.

I think those Fairy White hyacinths are looking good in the green vases

every container is pressed into service

Anne Marie hyacinths from 2 different suppliers, buds not looking very good

anne marie hyacinths

these are mostly Fairy White, except bulb bowl on the right is bulb bowl 5 with 4 JP Sky Jacket and 1 deJ Miss Saigon in the middle and blue vase on the left with PN Delft Blue which appears to be rotting and the water turning cloudy

Fairy White forced hyacinths

bulb bowl with unprepared deJager Splendid Cornelia

bulb bowl with deJ Miss Saigon, bulbs still looking unpleasant but have fat buds that look ready to bloom soon