last bulb bowls up from the cellar

I've had my pink hyacinths (Anne Marie/Ann Mary, Pink Pearl) in bloom before other varieties in past years but this year they are much later. (left to right, blue vases: 11 Peter Nyssen Anne Marie very sparse, 15 Peter Nyssen Anne Marie, 72 Bloms Bulbs Anne Marie, 92 or 93 Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot Peter Nyssen Anne Marie)

some of the latest vases up from the cellar, none of the bulbs are looking good, I'm not even taking these inside

hyacinth vases

none of those bulbs are worth keeping, I'm discarding them: (left to right) Bloms Anne Marie, Peter Nyssen Anne Marie, Peter Nyssen Anne Marie, deJager Delft Blue, deJager Delft Blue

these are the rest of the vases I brought up from the cellar today (11 Jan) and I'm going to try to keep them growing: (left to right): J Parkers Delft Blue, deJager Delft Blue, J Parkers Delft Blue, J Parkers Delft Blue

hyacinth bulb vases

the roots in the clear vases are visible above, the blue vase bulb is turned upside down, left below and has some short roots, pulling up the green vase bulb below right shows some good roots

a few days ago I also brought up the last of the bulb bowls

I was hoping some of the bulbs in the remaing bowls would catch up a little with the larger ones but no luck so far so I thought they really need to come upstairs even if only 1 bulb in each is going to bloom. Some of the crocus bulbs have very developed roots some have no roots at all. Bowl 4 on the left with Miss Saigon from 2 different suppliers, bowl 2 in the middle with 2 Splendid Cornelia and Miss Saigon and/or Delft Blue (that one got a bit confused), crocus bowl on the right.

hyacinths and crocus forced in bulb bowls

I just realized I hadn't uploaded this pic of the crocus vases which I took a week ago. Still no flowers but lots of roots.

crocus forcing vases

The Christmas-themed golden syrup tins are disappointingly out of season now. They were only ready to come up from the cellar this past week. The usual problems with amaryllis bulbs, not just falling over and breaking (therefore that short-stemmed flower in a vase) but one of the vases having a crack and leaking the water out and staining the table. Maybe the crack happened when they fell over?

hyacinth forcing vases

J Parkers Delft Blue looking a bit small but perfectly formed

hyacinth vase

bulb bowl 3 with deJager Miss Saigon

hyacinths blooming in a bulb bowl

bulb bowl 5 all bulbs bloomed (J Parkers "Sky Jacket" and Miss Saigon in the middle) but great variation in heights

hyacinths blooming in bulb bowl

bulb bowl 1 deJager Splendid Cornelia, only 1 bloomed

hyacinth bulbs in bulb bowl

another view of that bulb bowl from above, bulb flower buds on the left and on the right are both brown and dead