last hyacinth bulb in latest hyacinth vase purchased

My fears about attempting to force muscari in vases have been realized. They have ample roots and extensive growth and it's only October! What to do with them? It's early to bring them out of the cellar but how long can leaves survive in the dark? The box says bring them out when 4 cm tall. This is about 10 cm tall. My instinct is to bring plants with such extensive "green" (would be green if there was sunlight) growth into the light.

muscari forced on water in vase

not every bulb has such extensive growth, I guess I could bring some out into the light and leave some in the dark

muscari forced on water in vases

the muscari in pots are also growing quite tall, there are roots there coming out above the compost for some reason

muscari forced in a pot

I tried to finish up the rest of the small tulips, Little Princess tulip bulbs planted in blue and white pot (borage in pot to the right)

blue and white pot planted with Red Hunter tulips

Little Princess tulips in this terracotta pot

small tobacco jar planted with small tulips

small tobacco jar with lid

Red Hunter tulips planted in this golden syrup tin

golden syrup tin planted with tulips

I put Little Princess tulip bulbs in 2 or 3 of these pots in a rack

rack of pots planted with bulbs

this was a few weeks ago when my bulb orders were in those boxes, the cats came outside with me, I didn't even notice Billy (black and white cat next door) until I processed the pic on my computer

cats in garden starting indoor bulbs

Mid-October, I put my last hyacinth bulb in the latest hyacinth vase I purchased on ebay (as if I didn't have enough already). My husband thinks the cellar is too full of bulbs - it was his mum who inspired my interest! I'd never seen a hyacinth vase in the US until I came to the UK and saw hers. I'm afraid I still can't resist an impulse buy on ebay if it's a really great vase.

green Victorian dropped bulbous hyacinth vase

One of my least favourite tasks of bulb forcing must be done today - watering any pots in the cellar. I think the vases do pretty well left alone, the bulb acts like a plug and prevents the water evaporating but the pots with compost dry out and the bulb bowls allow water evaporation so they need watering/topping up.