start of third week of January 2018

I use this Charles I vase as a hyacinth vase. January 30th is the day he was executed so I will pause and think of him. What comes to mind is "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely" - and I'm thinking of Oliver Cromwell not Charles.

Charles I vase with hyacinth

a few days after that pic below, 25th January

purple-blue forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

those two hyacinths in the middle are some of my best this year, both Delft Blue

Delft Blue forced hyacinths

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

I love the emerging buds

forced hyacinth

forced hyacinth in hyacinth vases

forced hyacinth

as noted, bulblets need to be cut off with some roots, but in this case there are no roots

hyacinth bulb with bulblet

I'm assuming cutting it with some of the basal plate will be enough and some roots can grow from it.

The two small clear vases, above and below, are Dartington. I'd seen them on ebay but hadn't realised how small they were in comparison with other vases. I don't have many bulbs left to experiement with but it was challenging pushing two in. In future, I can use small bulbs.

Dartington hyacinth vases

the next wave of flowers and buds, 21st January

forced hyacinth bulbs in hyacinth vases

I love this shade of purple, Blue Star hyacinths

forced hyacinths in bulb bowl

forced hyacinth bulb pot

forced hyacinths hyacinth vases

hyacinth vase

hyacinth flower

forced hyacinth

forced hyacinth in Charles II vase

forced hyacinths hyacinth vases