crocus forcing

unlike the hyacinth bulbs that must not be in contact with water, the crocus bulbs need to be in the water to spur them into growth

crocus vases with bulbs for forcing

I have a few vases left that need bulbs so I bought another pack from Sainsburys - just for convenience

crocus forcing

I did the remaining vases and a few other containers, including that "joined ball" posy (not sure what else to call it.

forcing crocus bulbs

on closer examination the middle balls are squashed in and taller so the crocus bulbs would not be in contact with the water if I just put them on like that

joined ball posy water level

instead I put bulbs on the lower balls and pushed them in a bit like a plug, added more water and put on the remaining bulbs

joined ball posy

Then I had a few bulbs to use in some of the Shorter and Son troughs. I'll have to get a few more bulbs, maybe muscari from the garden centre. (Sainsburys doesn't have any muscari bulbs). And I found a hyacinth bulb I missed on the ground under the table. 

Shorter and Sons flower troughs with crocus bulbs

so I put that last hyacinth in a jam jar over pebbles and water, not having any hyacinth vases left

hyacinth bulb in jam jar for forcing

Peter Nyssen have gone over to compostable bags for their bulbs - great news

Peter Nyssen compostable bags

Bloms are still using some sort of mesh plastic? not only is it plastic but sure animals could get caught if left in the garden, especially the larger mesh of the orange bag

Bloms bulbs bags