checking on the bulbs end of October

I checked on the bulbs yesterday and watered the pots. The vases generally don't need topping up as the bulb is like a plug limiting evaporation but the pots need watering - which is my least favourite task. I found myself wondering why did I have to plant so many bulbs!

hyacinth vases with hyacinth bulbs with developing roots

hyacinth bulbs growing in Golden Syrup tins

crocus vases with large Dutch crocus bulbs, which I usually use for forcing, with curly roots developing, the odd vase has no roots like the 2nd from left below, these are just a selection

crocus vases with large Dutch crocus bulbs with curly roots developing

these crocus vases have straight roots developing from crocus chrysanthus bulbs which I guess I decided to try (I was starting so many I can't even remember now but I do know these were sold at Sainsbury's so easier to get than the large Dutch crocus which required a trip to the garden centre or order from Peter Nyssen)

crocus vases with crocus chrysanthus bulbs with straight roots developing

Shorter and other troughs with the crocus chrysanthus bulbs

Shorter troughs with crocus chrysanthus

I dont' know why that one bulb has such a long stem shooting up

Shorter troughs with small bulbs growing

I don't know why these have leggy stems - or what to do about them. Does one bring them out as they are so developed or leave them to struggle in the dark??

pots with small bulbs growing