first week in January

more crocus blooms every day in the Wedgwood hedgehog

Wedgwood hedgehog with crocus bulbs

onto the next phase of hyacinth blooms

forced hyacinth bulbs blooming in hyacinth vases

an amazing Sky Jacket hyacinth which has now filled out (after initially being quite small and sparse) next to one that hasn't done nearly as well; other hyacinths still in bud

hyacinth bulbs blooming in hyacinth vases

two other smaller Sky Jacket hyacinths, Woodstock hyacinth behind

sky jacket hyacinths

the last bulb bowl in the cellar

hyacinth bulb bowl

I turned the bulbs over to see their root development - there was none, no wonder there's so little stem growth

hyacinth bulb bowl

This is the lid to the bulb bowl, it sits on top of the bowl rather than in the bowl on a ledge like the others, so I'm wondering if the bulbs being that much further from the water prevented root growth, otherwise why no roots on any of the bulbs? Bulbs do grow unevenly but none in this bowl have rooted so it must be something about the bowl.

hyacinth bulb bowl lid

I've put those bulbs in a different, more conventional, bulb bowl and after a couple days, there are roots starting, whether they have time to bloom, I'm not sure but at least they have a better chance.

bulb bowl with hyacinth bulbs

a couple weeks later, the bulbs in the bowl above are growing well (see below), the other hyacinths below are late out of the cellar and not sure they are going to bloom this year

forced hyacinths