starting smaller bulbs: crocus, tulips, iris

Surprisingly, it was 6 weeks already since I put the small bulbs in the fridge so it's time to start them in their vases and pots. I started with the tulips, I have 3 different kinds. I've had mixed results with tulips in vases so thought I'd do all the small vases, both crocus and miscellaneous, with more tulips to see if I can see any consistent results. I find the crocus and tulips need to be sitting slightly in water unlike hyacinths which root very consistently being just above the water.

vases with tulips for forcing

Below are, from left, Lady Jane, "miniature Tulip Tubergen's variety" and "miniature mixed tulips" (according to the packages). These were the smallest tulip bulbs I could find. I'm still experiementing with forcing small bulbs so this year I just went by size, perhaps not the best criteria, but I am curious to see the results.

small tulip bulbs for forcing

small tulips in plastic vases for forcing

Next were the pots and small flower troughs, half of which I'm trying with grit and half with the indoor bulb fibre. I have two kinds of crocus, early and large Dutch and an iris reticulata.

pots and troughs with bulbs for forcing

pots with bulb fibre

Below are the flower troughs with grit and above the pots and troughs planted with bulb fibre.

flower toughs with bulbs with grit

Every vase has a bulb and every bulb is in a vase. I don't know how long this situation will last! I received this one in the post today. I haven't seen this exact shape before and I can't tell if it's old or new. I've put my last City of Haarlem hyacinth bulb in it.

green hyacinth vase