update on the bulbs

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! The Delft Blue hyacinths are really opening up.

This Victorian wirework plant stand makes a great place to put some of the hyacinth vases, esp as I don't have a window sill in the living room.

The silver vase below with the Pink Pearl hyacinth is the one from M+S. It was only when I was processing the pic below on my pc I noticed the purple crocus in the background on the window sill.

Here is that Shorter flower trough with the crocus coming into bloom (and Socks in the background).

Below is the M+S crocus bowl.

Below is the M+S jug with muscari. Lots of leaf growth but no buds and of course, no flowers.

White amaryllis, my first amaryllis in bloom and it looks amazing.

amaryllis growing in amaryllis vase

I've had variable results with the Pink Pearl hyacinths but these are looking great.

pink pearl hyacinths in golden syrup tins

The blue vase on the right below is one of the Pink Pearls that didn't bloom properly. Those small hyacinths in the pot below are two bulblets I removed from larger bulbs. I'm surprised to see 1 Splendid Cornelia and at least 3 Delft Blue in that pot. I thought I would have planted all the same variety. That's the best chance of them blooming at same time.

sylvac pot with hyacinths

Socks started walking by while I was snapping pics. I think the black actually makes a nice contrasting background.

sylvac pot with hyacinths

More successful Pink Pearl blooms.

pink pearl hyacinths

3 more purple flowers in bloom, 2 iris reticulata and 1 large Dutch crocus.

iris and crocus

Some close-ups of the irises. I think they are exquisite.

iris reticulata

iris reticulata