stocktaking first week in January

I decided I needed a bit of a stocktake of my hyacinth blooms and what's still in bud, having brought the last few remaining vases out of the cellar (after putting the Christmas decs away there).

These are what's in bloom now.

forced hyacinths in vases

Using the pronged vase (Spendid Cornelia), below, was something of an afterthought, as was the green rose bowl (Carnegie) to the right, both have surprised me with beautiful hyacinth flowers, neither of which is an "official" hyacinth vase.

below, left to right, Gypsy Princess, Delft Blue, Splendid Cornelia, White Pearl or Carnegie

hyacinths in bloom in vases

These are what's in bud now.

forced hyacinths in vases

Delft Blue has been my favorite hyacinth since I started growing them and this is one of the first vases I bought around 1984.

Delft Blue hyacinth

These are the spent blooms.

spent hyacinth blooms

Some of these Carnegie hyacinths are wilting before they even bloomed properly.

Carnegie hyacinths


forced crocus

here is a close-up of the Culpeper pot above

crocus in Culpeper pot