strange things happening at the garden centre

I was surprised to find Skyline prepared hyacinth bulbs at the garden centre today. I never even heard of this variety. I've looked through a number of bulb catalogues and ordered from half a dozen web sites, none of them had Skyline! I guess others haven't heard of this either as the bin was almost full and the Delft Blue bin was almost empty. I had no choice but to try  Skyline as I have a couple new hyacinth vases needing bulbs. The bulbs do look large and reasonably fresh and unblemished.

skyline hyacinth bulbs and vases

The green vase on the left (above) has a bulb I put in a couple weeks ago. The roots are looking great. This "pinched" or "dimpled" hyacinth vase (below) is like the ones being sold at the garden centre for £1.49. See more on vase prices at the Hyacinth Vases on ebay page.

I use anything I fancy to force a hyacinth, just needs to hold the bulb above the water, this is a rose bowl with some polished stones in to help the roots to anchor

I had 4 of these hyacinth Skyline bulbs left so planted them in these golden syrup tins, then into the cellar.

I bought this vase the other day - tall antique glass, bit wonky and lopsided - exquisite! just the sort of hyacinth vase I love.