end of September 2019 - continuing starting hyacinth bulb forcing

The bulbs I started a couple weeks ago are rooting well (and one bulb was mouldy and had to be discarded).

forcing hyacinth bulbs in vases bulbs with roots

The bulb deliveries did not go as planned (will explain later this week) so I had to resort to the garden centre - so disappointed. At least there were some bulbs left, if not the largest and best. (I had ordered bulbs to avoid this!)

forcing hyacinth bulbs for Christmas

some tall 19th century hyacinth vases and 2 modern Broste Copenhagen hyacinth vases, was going to try the smalll hyacinth bulbs on the crocus bowl but they are still too large, will just use crocus bulbs for that

forcing hyacinth bulbs for Christmas

I love cobalt blue glass, whatever vintage

cobalt blue antique hyacinth vases

vases and bowl with the largest openings needing the largest bulbs