update on the bulb bowls and other small bulbs

My cat Socks and hyacinths in the background.

a couple days later that Pink Pearl hyacinth above has opened fully

pink pearl hyacinth in amber vase

a few more hyacinths, some blooming, some still in bud

the muscari (grape hyacinths) are all lush leaf growth and no buds

forced muscari

despite a couple of early flowers (one each in these containers) still waiting for more iris reticulata blooms

iris reticula indoors

crocus blooms and buds, in the background tulips in the truffle bottles/jars

early spring crocus forced indoors

no tulips in bloom just yet but good root growth and stems

forced tulips

Royal Navy hyacinths just coming into bloom, later than others but right on time in a "normal" year

royal navy hyacinths

All the Delft Blue that were upstairs are spent, making way for these Gypsy Princess and a Pink Pearl hyacinth. I have never had so many hyacinths in bloom for Christmas and so many over by Christmas. The autumn's warm weather has them thoroughly confused.

forced hyacinth bulbs in vases

I put this bulb bowl (a good candidate as most of the bulbs were already spent) outside to make room for Christmas lunch but it has since gotten so cold that when I brought it in today I see the water in the bulb bowl is frozen. I haven't had a forced hyacinth over water that is frozen so I don't know what the result will be but I will let it melt and see what happens.

I thought an update on the other bulb bowls would be good. This bowl, below, has Royal Navy hyacinths, all buds so far.

hyacinth bulb bowl

This bulb bowl, below, has 3 Royal Navy and 2 Carnegie hyacinths.

hyacinth bulb bowl

This bulb bowl has a mix of hyacinths: 2 Delft Blue, 2 Gypsy Princess, 1 Spendid Cornelia.

hyacinth bulb bowl

the bulb bowl below has Carnegie hyacinths, one of which is just starting to bloom, also on that table, two SylvaC pots with hyacinths and 3 amaryllis

hyacinths in bulb bowl

those hyacinth blooms below look like Woodstock

forced hyacinths in bloom

hyacinth bulbs in vases