sky high amaryllis

today's crocus

I must check which variety this is

these buds are so beautiful

I love growing amaryllis in vases but they get so big and top-heavy they are in danger of toppling over, sadly one did and it broke its vase and a vase on the floor it fell on. I must reconsider what the future is for me growing amaryllis in vases. I'll probably continue until all the vases are broken! This red one seems sturdier than others.

the fall-out from the fall is the flower broken off and I had to use the mother-of-pearl vase to hold the bulb whose vase was broken

amaryllis in vases

seems many hyacinth bulbs now have a secondary stem, as below

this hyacinth's main stem is wilted and the new flower is just coming into flower on the new stem at the bottom